Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Challenges of Midlife

I would like to disclose that I am not an expert on this topic..ha...I am just experiencing it...but would like to share my thoughts and hope to open this dialog and become more aware..

I have been doing some reading about midlife and its challenges.  Did you know that there are 81 Million people that are part of the baby boom era...born from 1945-1965?  Crazy huh? 

Did you know that we are living longer...we are more fit...

Did you know that midlife is more than men having affairs and women becoming "empty nesters".  It may be that we are not as fulfilled by our careers, have more incidences of depression, and perhaps feel empty. 

Interestingly, and these are things I have experienced...questions of spirtiuality come to the surface...and we start to think more about death...lots of scary things. 

So my question to you... What have you experienced on this journey, thus far? 


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  1. Since I'm in my late 50s I guess I can say that I've had 9 years of experience in this 2nd half of life. I've found more career satisfaction, less depression, and I LOVE our empty nest. I have also paid more attention to my spiritual life and felt much more growth in that area than ever. It has, so far, been one of my favorite life stages.

    1. Did you ever feel like you were in a crisis mode? Everything I have read says that it can be minute to major realization. Did you ever feel in a funk? Maybe before you turned 50?

    2. Not so much in my 50s. I feel in a funk sometimes, just from normal ups and downs. My harder stages probably occurred before my 50s. I know I was nervous to turn 50, thinking I was getting old, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Now the next big 0-number is looming. That one seems harder than 50.

  2. it´s great to see your ideas put together.

  3. I started feeling this way as I turned 40. I am not over it yet at 42. For me, it is just a realization of moving into a new era of life, with the realization that there is no way to go back to some stages, and what next? I am also aware that I am an "older" parent among the preschool/.kindergarten bunch in general ... Some of these people are 23-26! It has become quite apparent to me that I am I Spring chicken and that doesn't feel glamorous!

  4. I meant to say that I am no Spring chicken!

  5. I'm not there yet (9 years to go), but certainly it's important to find value in each day. Asking yourself the "hard" questions and seeking answers can be fulfilling.