Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seize the Weekend

This weekend was beyond awesome... I know we have all heard about the great weather in the midwest...unheard of temps..I am talking in the mid to up 70' my house temp is 74 with the windows my cheeks are sporting a little color weather.

So seize the weekend we did...

I want this to be part of my new blog because I think it is so easy to sail through the weekend missing opportunities to explore and build on experiences.

Today Laura (daughter #2) , Lydia (daughter #3) and I went to Minnehaha Falls Park.  We also took DJ Piddles (resident pup).  There were many people out and about, trying to find a parking spot was like it is in the summer...stalker people walking through the parking lot...creeping up on them...then backing up while they are trying to exit...

Anyway...the falls were flowing...and kids were wading in the water.  I didn't go down near the falls.  My knee is giving me problems and I didn't want to strain it too I stood on top and people watched... a favorite past time!

All in all a great weekend.  What did you do?

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