Friday, April 20, 2012

Faith on Friday

I read this quote on Twitter yesterday:

I can't assure you that your family will ever give you the blessing you seek, but I know God will! -Max Lucado

I thought that this was very fitting for where I am at in my life.  We all work so hard during our first half of life...seeking pleasure and blessings from our family in friends...but it never seems to be enough...there is seems to be that wanting for a bit least it was this way for me...

Most of my life I have gone to church, but was never really involved in church... I did have an interesting experience when I road the green bus to Park Grove Alliance church...but other than that...pretty much just church..

But I have always felt the nudge as I like to call it...I was always a pray-er....but seemingly needing things...

I want to grow closer to my God and my faith... and I have been...I do "talk" with God on a daily basis...just bearing my soul...complaining sometimes...thanking sometimes...just chatting!

What is your faith about?  Do you feel the pull as you get older?

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  1. I wasn't a believer until I was 44, so yep the pull gets stronger as I get older!