Friday, April 27, 2012

Faith on Friday...

I need to deviate from this title today... things have been happening around here that have been amazing...So here goes...

First off...I started with my personal trainer...and really focusing on nutrition...which is a work in progress...well actually both are a work in progress...BUT I am so motivated and feel so much better.  My knee...which led me to knowing that I need to do something with my physical health...feels so much better! 

Second off... my daughter went to the MN Teacher Edcaution Fair on Monday...all things considered she went in with an open mind.  She wanted to hand out as many resumes as possible and hopefully get some interviews...but the lines were all so long...So she noticed that the Arizona school line was  not as long as the she stopped by and started talking...which led to an interview...whick led to ......a JOB....which led to her being UBER excited which led to absolute JOY...She has a job now down in Arizona...she will be moving in June...I am super excited for her...and am going to miss her like crazy!

So how is that for goodness?   

 Jesus looked hard at them and said, "No chance at all if you think you can pull it off yourself. Every chance in the world if you trust God to do it." Mathew 19:26

I think in both of these cases God led...

May is coming up and I couldn't be more see it is BIRTHDAY week...

May 1 is daughter number one...
May 2 is daughter number two
May 3 is mine
May 4 is my sister...

Then we have dance recitals and Mothers Day...and Memorial Day... I love me some May!

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  1. We do need to take signs from our bodies that not all is well, and it IS amazing what we can change when we put our hearts into it.

    Yay for the AZ job! Another place for you to visit.

    Love the verse!

    My May is always crazy, this one more than others, but no birthdays--thankfully!