Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Question: The Next Decade?

A friend asked on my previous post if I know what I want the next decade to be like or look like...

I have spent some time thinking about this and have started formulating a picture and ideals..  I feel like I have a lot of life to live...lots more to say...and maybe even prove.

As I spoke about in my last has been sort of hard to walk thru for me...I still struggle putting it into words but I know it is real...So I still find myself being hesitant.  I find myself thinking I will do it tomorrow...

So here I sit... today I made a big move (saving this for another post) and I feel a sense of excitement.  I have come to realize that tomorrow is today..

My dad was a quiet peaceful man. He had this shed in our backyard.  Most evenings and weekends you could be found out in the shed just putzing...I feel I have inherited that gene.  I do love spending time with my family ...but I also crave the solitude.  I love spending time just hanging out

One thing this next part is going to have is purposeful solitude...

Again I am drawing on characteristics of my dad... He had a strong desire to be faithful.  This faith falter along the way...which I noticed but never got a chance to ask about...and perhaps this faith stuff has a lot to do with solitude..but I know that for me to feel complete I need to pray and be a good listener

My health/self esteem/well being is greatly tied into how I feel when I look into the mirror.  I know that it is a lot of hardwork..but if I want to be "there" for my family I need to build into the next decade a sense of being a good steward of my body.

I have other things I want to seek out...and they will become clearer as I go...but for now.. Solitude/Health/Faith are the top three...What is your next decade going to be about? 

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  1. Hopefully my kids. In the next 10 years my son will be in his last couple years of high school and my daughter will be almost old enough to drive. I need to spend as much time with them as possible. I'm not always the best mother, so I hope my next decade is about being the best mother that I can be. Thanks for stopping by and joining the Miracle Gro giveaway!