Monday, April 23, 2012

Midlife Monday

When reflecting about the aging process the only thing I can draw on is the aging of my mother.  I would have to say that from age 50 to 60 she aged quite graciously.  After that not so much.  She had a falling accident and then a knee replacement that she never recovered from... Her memory also has started to slip.  Another issue is she doesn't do much outside of the home...These are all issues that weigh on my mind...

So my question to you...

What positives do you remember abuot your mother's aging?

What negatives do you remember about your mother's aging?

If you didn't get to see your mom age, who is your role model for aging? 

If you comment I will read and respond...


  1. My mom died at 59, but even then I had some concerns about her due to the Alzheimer's that claimed her mom.

    So I don't really have a role model...

    1. Wow that was young...was she ill? Did she has signs of Alzheimer's?

  2. My Mom, thank you Lord, is still doing well at 75 (almost 76). She is still very active...she walks almost everyday with a friend, and has done for years. She is still alert and on the ball. She does tire more easily now, but she likes to be in the middle of kids, and grandkids, and now great grandkids. She is content to observe. She is an amazing lady and I'm very proud to call her my Mom! My Dad is in a home now with Alzhiemers and she tries to visit him every couple of days. Her house is only a couple of blocks from the facility so it is easy for her to get to. I hope that I can age as she has done. The thought of not being around to watch my kids(5) all settled and happy is scary to me. I want to be healthy and active for as long as I can. But, I guess most people want that!;)