Saturday, June 23, 2012

60 Days

 Exactly 60 days ago today I started on my new journey.  I have to say I am quite pleased with the results thus far.  I have worked hard and made many many changes to my daily life...Lifestyle changes...

1. No Diet Coke...quit cold ....yes folks it can be done and you can live without caffeine...well at least I can!

2. I do some sort of cardio every single day.  I get up early and I do my cardio before eating breakfast...and yes I am hungry when I get home...but it sure taste good!

3.  I have changed my eating habits...which is a work in progress.  I eat more protein than every before...I eat my veggies and fruit too...and Greek yogurt and I LOVE cottage cheese! What I don't eat is all the junk I use to consume on a daily I crave it? Eh not really... except certain parts of the month! 

4.  The best thing I have been doing is working with a trainer.  He has helped me so much...and has me doing things that I never thought I would even attempt to do much less like to do! I go two times a week to Your Fit Studio... you can click the link to gain more information...

5.  I sleep so much better... I am usually very tired by the end of the day...especially on workout days...but really every day!

6.  My family is engaged in what I am doing and seem pleased!  I think I talk about it too much and promise to try to curb my enthusiasm ! 

I started this journey because I was tired of the way my body wasn't responding... I was icky tired, not very enthused and it seemed like everything I was eating stuck to some part of my body! I have to say I wasn't very hopeful when I started working out... but that has changed in the last few weeks... I have seen many positive changes...which started with my clothes fitting better and then progressed to me being able to see the changes...then my family started seeing the changes...and then other people!

Life is Good!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks has been a journey..a great one at that!

  2. ROCK STAR! You can talk to me about it whenever you want...I'm obsessed with talking about my running, so we can obsess together!

    1. Yes let's obsess! I think I am turning into a biker vs a runner..never thought I would even consider it!

  3. You look great!! I can see some serious change :-) I remember when you'd have at least 2 cokes on 1 shift. Go Beth!

    1. Diet Cokes! lol... This is the longest I have ever gone!

  4. That's awesome, Beth! I'm so impressed. I really see the difference too.