Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What? She's blogging? Again?

When I started my first blog coming up with the title was automatic... Walk A Mile... that was my philosophy of my be non consider where a person has come from and where they are going...  This served me well for about 20 years..Then suddenly I was in middle age territory and I was no longer taking care of others... I was ready to start a new journey...thus the birth of The Second Half...As I have written I struggled turning 50...I was really preoccupied....but now I am not sure it is what I want to be writing about...

That is why I haven't been around much!

So I am just going to go back to writing about my daily life..whatever that may be...I may change the title of this mighty blog...but I will not change the URL...

Here is a list to catch you up in my life...(if you are my friend on FB this will be boring)

1.  Summer time makes me happy
2.  July is my favorite month as a friend pointed is the only month where I don't work at all
3.  We have a new puppy..enough said
4.  Puppy poo makes me gag
5.  One daughter lives in AZ , one in NY... I have vacation spots
6. We just took a road trip to NY...had a blast!

What has brought me JOY

1.  My niece Amanda Marie
2.  Bike riding
3. Clearing out my closet of big clothes
4. working out
5. A smaller me

This was a much easier post to write..maybe I will be back more often!