Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eat to Live...don't...Live to Eat

All this month I am going to be writing about inspiration.  In anticpation of this I have been thinking about things that inspire me and how I have been an inspiration to others. 

Many years ago I was working with a trainer (not the one I have now) and she wasn't very good.  Actually, she was terrible...but she did say one interesting...INSPIRING thing to was...


This really struck a chord with me...Up to that point I really didn't listen to any eating/food/dieting advice.  I pretty much just ate..I never was overly concerned about food/exercise or fitness.  Throughout the next several years I replayed that message but really didn't do much about with it. 

I now eat pretty good.  I make good choices.  Last year at this time not so much..chips, sweets, pop/soda, candy, cookies and all sorts of veggies and see I liked it all!

Food quickly turns into a problem for most of us.  It is what we plan most of our lives around...going out to eat, dieting, holidays, get togethers, emotional eating etc etc...I know I am/was a victim. 

I again replayed this message about 5 months ago and took it to heart...hence the inspiring part..I started taking myself out of the daily grind of food and its conotations. 

When planning on visiting friends I would offer to go for a walk or to a park vs to a resturant.  When needing to gather for a meeting I would offer to bring some fruit vs something less nutritional.  When needing to do something fun with people I would suggest something other than meeting for dinner. 

Has it been easy? Actually kinda...the other cool thing is it opens up a lot of conversation with people. 

Today...5 months later...I am less concerned about food...well actually very concerned about what I eat...I am careful most days/moments of what I put in my mouth.  Most all the food I eat tastes really good.  The flavor is fabulous.  I am rarely if ever full..which to me, feeling full is uncomfortable. 

I don't forsee in the future of going back to my old ways...I do need to figure out how to maintain and enjoy some savory things...but til then I will carry on eating to live!

Just a photo of me and my new jacket!  Love it! 


  1. Love the jacket. You look good. I think you've found a great lifestyle and its visible in your smile!!