Thursday, September 13, 2012

Political Daughters...

My household is Democrat.  We live the ideals of the Democrats.  Basically.. we look out for others and  are interested in their well being. 

But we are also hard working folk.  I am a teacher and dh works at a Community College.  We DO NOT make a lot of money.  But I do know that we all work hard and love our jobs.  And yep...3 of the 4 of us rely on UNIONS to bolster our ideals.  It is what it is. 

My oldest daughter lives in NYC.  She amplifies her Democratic beliefs with the idea of women having rights.  Rights to regulate their bodies.  To know what is best for them.  She insists that women know who they are voting for and why.  She regularily posts on Facebook her beliefs and information for women.  I am proud of her. 

My middle daughter lives in the land of extreme heat but not extreme pay for Teachers.  She is a teacher.  She is a compassionate teacher.  She loves what she does.  The teacher UNION in Arizona is not thriving.  It is sad.  The teachers their are trying hard to overturn a pay freeze.  I worry that she will not be able to make it their if the teachers pay does not increase for her.  So all this to say is with my daughter being a compassionate teacher and we say that we want the kids in America to be bright and smart...perhaps teacher pay freezes she be abolished. 
My youngest daughter is just now formulating her political ideals. During the Democratic Convention I think while Clinton was speaking...she came into the room where I was watching and said "Did you feel that?  Did you feel that electricity?"  Yep I did and so did she!  Proud of her #1 for watching the DNC and #2 for caring and trying to understand.

Now...I am a Democrat...but other than around election years I don't speak about it much.  I am in wonder how they (the daughters) were able to formulate what they stand for and what political party best meets their needs...perhaps by our actions and not necessarily our words? 

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  1. I've only met a couple of your daughters and I could tell immediately that they are brilliant women with strong heads on their shoulders. It doesn't surprise me that they believe in people having rights---doesn't surprise me at all. I'm a former republican turned independent turned democrat. I was more middle-line until recently. Some of these politicians should be ashamed of themselves.