Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inspiration today is brought to you by the Golden Rule

 Today's inspiration is brought to you via the Golden Rule...yep the golden rule.  Not something I think about literally but hopefully something that live...

Anyway..My family was very pleased with most all aspects of the election..including the fact that the Marriage Amendment did not pass in the state of Minnesota.  

My youngest daughter and I were talking on Wednesday about this amendment...not really saying anything more than we have is amazing what the teens perceive... I digress..

She looked at me and said " gets down to the golden rule.."  I looked at her quizzically (is that a word?) and she said, " really everything in life gets down to the Golden know... do unto others..."  

Yes Lydia it does!  Well said !  

(PS: In 4 years...she will be a voter!) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ahhh Inspiration...Sandy at the Rockaways

Interestingly, this topic has taken on a life of its own. 

Due to Hurricane Sandy I don't have to think too hard about what has inspired me this week.  My daughter uses social media to communicate and she uses it well.  When it all went silent the day after the hurricane hit I knew she was in a tough spot.  I knew that she was okay due to where she lives I wasn't too worried...but I still wanted to hear from her.  Finally I did...she was distraught...but she has friends...she had places to go...the next day she headed out looking around and began on her mission to help others...When her power was restored she immediately went and packed up some of her belongs to donate.  After that she contacted me to help her gather donations..which we are doing. 

Then...and this is where my heart fills with headed out to the Rockaways..the beach area of NYC..the area greatly hit by the Sandy...and where the big fire happened...She and some volunteers took charge of organizing the food distribution site.  She said they kicked butt and organized all the food...made a thousand sandwiches to distribute, bagged perishables and non perishables for pick-up. 

She said she took charge because there really wasn't anyone knowing what to do...How cool is that?  I know that when out on the Mission field things can be chaotic until you get a pattern or sense of what needs to be done...

So inspiration for life and helping comes directly from my daughter....She rocks my life!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eat to Live...don't...Live to Eat

All this month I am going to be writing about inspiration.  In anticpation of this I have been thinking about things that inspire me and how I have been an inspiration to others. 

Many years ago I was working with a trainer (not the one I have now) and she wasn't very good.  Actually, she was terrible...but she did say one interesting...INSPIRING thing to was...


This really struck a chord with me...Up to that point I really didn't listen to any eating/food/dieting advice.  I pretty much just ate..I never was overly concerned about food/exercise or fitness.  Throughout the next several years I replayed that message but really didn't do much about with it. 

I now eat pretty good.  I make good choices.  Last year at this time not so much..chips, sweets, pop/soda, candy, cookies and all sorts of veggies and see I liked it all!

Food quickly turns into a problem for most of us.  It is what we plan most of our lives around...going out to eat, dieting, holidays, get togethers, emotional eating etc etc...I know I am/was a victim. 

I again replayed this message about 5 months ago and took it to heart...hence the inspiring part..I started taking myself out of the daily grind of food and its conotations. 

When planning on visiting friends I would offer to go for a walk or to a park vs to a resturant.  When needing to gather for a meeting I would offer to bring some fruit vs something less nutritional.  When needing to do something fun with people I would suggest something other than meeting for dinner. 

Has it been easy? Actually kinda...the other cool thing is it opens up a lot of conversation with people. 

Today...5 months later...I am less concerned about food...well actually very concerned about what I eat...I am careful most days/moments of what I put in my mouth.  Most all the food I eat tastes really good.  The flavor is fabulous.  I am rarely if ever full..which to me, feeling full is uncomfortable. 

I don't forsee in the future of going back to my old ways...I do need to figure out how to maintain and enjoy some savory things...but til then I will carry on eating to live!

Just a photo of me and my new jacket!  Love it! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

50, 12 and 5

Although I have been instructed (haha Laura) to not function only because of numbers...These numbers have all been good for me...

This week I finally hit the 50 mark..actually the 53 mark...53 pounds lost..It took me a few weeks to lose the last pound...which turned into 2 pounds...which ended up with me losing 5 to hit the 53 lbs lost! I am very pleased and will be rewarding myself with a new winter jacket..and maybe some fun boots!  

Early last week I stopped in at Upscale Consignment to find Lydia something PINK to wear for the football game.  They do different "color" outs for different causes or to just be funny..  Anyway...I decided to try on some jeans and was being silly and went for size 12...yep they fit!  So much fun!  I put them on hold and then went back to get them the next day! I don't even know if I ever wore a size 12 before..surely not as an adult!  

Today I ran 5 miles.  Last night I decided to try and run 5 miles with no expectations attached to it!  In fact along the way I tried to talk myself out of continuing.  So this morning I mapped my run...looking for a good route...I even allowed for some hills..knowing there is a killer hill in my next race...I did fine...I think my average mile time was 12.6 minutes which is I am finding myself being critical!  

So 50, 12 and 5 are my new favorite numbers...what are yours?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 of 31

Almost forgot to write tonight...will keep in short...I don't need to rediscover my politics.  I am not undecided.  

Good Night! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 of 31...


Today I did take some time to reflect and to open my mind to different possibilities.  My mind became very crowded as the day went on.  There are many things I am still trying to come to terms with..things I want to accomplish achieve ...but I know that I need to narrow those things down...the urgency is no longer there that use to be...and this makes me a bit sad...I am still looking for that purpose....

Here is a picture of me...taken at the MN State Fair...



Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Looking for Myself...

Today I begin anew...2012 is to be my year.  MY. YEAR.  I was to start in January...and I kind of did but it really didn't kick in until the end of April.  At the end of April I took back my health and changed my lifestyle.  I have made so many changes I am not even going to list them...but lets just say I am probably healthier than I have ever been...

I still have some work to do...God only knows how true that statement is...and while on that topic...I need to say that my FAITH has been shaken and I am trying to figure all that out too. 

So for the next 31 days I will be blogging about my journey.  I think there will be posts about lifestyle, financial, faith, relationships and probably work...I know it sounds sketchy but that is pretty much how I roll now a days! 

Day One

Oh where to start.   When I first started working out I took advantage of my relationship with God.  But that was to change and I am still not sure how I feel about that.  Part of me is sad, but part me is like "eh" life goes on.  I use to pray a lot when out on my bike rides..not so much anymore.  

But enough of the complaining...I tried today to hold my attention in a prayer..can't say it was overly effective or that I remember what it was that I prayed about but the fact that I did is good, right? 

So tomorrow I will try again... and move on from there! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Political Daughters...

My household is Democrat.  We live the ideals of the Democrats.  Basically.. we look out for others and  are interested in their well being. 

But we are also hard working folk.  I am a teacher and dh works at a Community College.  We DO NOT make a lot of money.  But I do know that we all work hard and love our jobs.  And yep...3 of the 4 of us rely on UNIONS to bolster our ideals.  It is what it is. 

My oldest daughter lives in NYC.  She amplifies her Democratic beliefs with the idea of women having rights.  Rights to regulate their bodies.  To know what is best for them.  She insists that women know who they are voting for and why.  She regularily posts on Facebook her beliefs and information for women.  I am proud of her. 

My middle daughter lives in the land of extreme heat but not extreme pay for Teachers.  She is a teacher.  She is a compassionate teacher.  She loves what she does.  The teacher UNION in Arizona is not thriving.  It is sad.  The teachers their are trying hard to overturn a pay freeze.  I worry that she will not be able to make it their if the teachers pay does not increase for her.  So all this to say is with my daughter being a compassionate teacher and we say that we want the kids in America to be bright and smart...perhaps teacher pay freezes she be abolished. 
My youngest daughter is just now formulating her political ideals. During the Democratic Convention I think while Clinton was speaking...she came into the room where I was watching and said "Did you feel that?  Did you feel that electricity?"  Yep I did and so did she!  Proud of her #1 for watching the DNC and #2 for caring and trying to understand.

Now...I am a Democrat...but other than around election years I don't speak about it much.  I am in wonder how they (the daughters) were able to formulate what they stand for and what political party best meets their needs...perhaps by our actions and not necessarily our words? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week HighLights...

This week was filled with many joys...I will share with you the highlights...

Today my husband...walked his 2,000,000 step since his hip replacement surgery...

 I am really proud of his efforts and integrity

The next highlight involves Lydia.  She played in her first couple Varsity tennis matches.  She had her friend (friends since Preschool) played doubles together.  I am proud of both of them!  
The last highlight pertains to me.  I hit another milestone in my weight loss journey....I am quite pleased with were I am at...I still have a ways to go...but am happy with were I am at! 

We have been very blessed this week.  


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today I am most thankful for: change...real friends...good for you food...the Fair...the summer matches...New York...Arizona...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blister to Biking

About three months or so ago while out walking...I got a huge ugle nasty blister on the inside part of my foot.  It was awful and painful.  I struggled finding a pair of shoes to wear to school and resorted to the unprofessional flip flop.  What was worse was that continuing to walk as in for my cardio was not going to work out....

So I thought that I could achieve the cardio by bike riding....and I haven't looked back since!

This is the bike I ride.  I can't say "my" bike as it is my husbands.  He uses it for his transportation to work.  That is one reason why I ride in the early morning...well that and because of the idea of burning more fat if I ride before I eat breakfast...oh and I lower the seat too! 

So there you have it... Do you bike? 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


When your life shifts what happens?  Again in my life I have found that my life has shifted.  It happens gradually and usually takes awhile before I notice.  An example of this is about 15 years ago.

I was really involved in Girl Scouts.  I loved and still love that organization.  But I became tired of it all.  It wore me out.  I quit.  About 3 months after I quit I became pregnant.  Yep...I did!  I think it was God's way of telling me to slow down and get some rest.

I did end up going back to the organization about 7 years later and stayed with it for another 6 years or so.  When I say I quit it was after 10 years of hard work.

Before that shift there was another.  I had worked at a pretty awesome job.  I worked at a residential treatment center and loved it.  But as all good things must heart just left the job...and I came to realize I must end my employment there... I tried my hand at home day care... and then finished my licensure...and then found a pretty decent job in another treatment facility...which led to where I am today...

Shifting is good...once you figure out what is happening.

Recently I have found myself shifting again...

I can't put my finger on the reason or what may happen...but I feel it in my daily actions and desires...

What is common about all the shifting is I find myself wanting to be home...kinda hermit like...I find myself relaxing...almost bored like...and I find myself thinking...scary like (this I jest...)

What also happens is that people don't necessarily understand.  They think something is wrong or that they have been slighted...And perhaps they are right but that doesn't mean it is bad or that they have been forgotten...

I really do think if you listen to your inner voice...I call it my God talking will be better off...I think if you ignore that voice it brings negative feelings of despair and depression...

I guess what I am trying to say is that my life is changing...I know it...I feel it and I am okay with it...

I think....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grey's A Dog..not Anatomy

We have a new member in our family...its a POM-A-POO....half  pomeranian and half poodle...He is what you call a designer dog!  I don't do designer! What was I thinking?  

About a month ago we made an impromptu trip to see a few dogs.  We really had no intention of "buying" a dog...until maybe August.  We looked at several breeds...and the cost...and became disheartened.  Then we spotted this pup's sister...and fell in love.  We were told that it probably wouldn't be good to have two females so we were introduced to the brother...and fell more in love...Because of the age of Grey he was reduced greatly in me being...impulsive put a down payment on him.  We went home told the dh and he agreed...reluctantly...So the next day we picked him up! 

This is how he looked at the store.....

Grey is a very active puppy.  He loves to BUG everyone...he bugs me daily...he bugs DJ (our Jack Russell) like crazy!  They rough house ALL.THE. TIME!  Grey also likes to chew..he chews on shoes, on cords and on paper... Grey likes to be held and cuddled... he loves to be outside and to take walks.  He adapted quite well to his crate...and sleeps mostly through the night...and rarely "messes" in the crate.  I have to admit potty training has been hit or miss... and we clean up after him quite often.  I think he has a delicate tummy! 

This is the mess we came out into the living room too...It is paper towel...and no it wasn't on the was on the coffee table...ugh!  Monster Grey!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Angst

We are quickly cruising into Back To School...and this makes me full of angst.  But really actually I don't mind.. did I really just that?  I get so excited in April when the countdown gets down to so few days.  I am personally tired of the humidity.  I am not eager to go I putz around in the would think it would be sparkling ...but alas it is would also think that I would have read many many books...I haven't!  

What have you done?  You might be thinking...

Hmmmm... not sure... 

Lots of biking, walking, working out, TV watching, bonding with daughter, dog training (or not) painting...sock sorting (on my list) laundry and dishes

One of the best things I have done is connected with some friends from my immediate past... What the heck is immediate past..well...the last 20 years or so... I hooked up with a Girl Scout pal and a PTA much fun!  It has been a lot of fun reconnecting and getting to know one another again.  I feel like it is a good support for the changes we are all going through!  

Another good thing is how my energy level has increased.  I think nothing of going for bike rides and fact I build my day around being able to do these things.  

The rest of August will find us celebrating another birthday, school shopping, technology workshop, PLC meeting, Lindsay coming home, State Fair, Twins game, working out and the dreaded opening teaching days...

What does August mean to you? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What? She's blogging? Again?

When I started my first blog coming up with the title was automatic... Walk A Mile... that was my philosophy of my be non consider where a person has come from and where they are going...  This served me well for about 20 years..Then suddenly I was in middle age territory and I was no longer taking care of others... I was ready to start a new journey...thus the birth of The Second Half...As I have written I struggled turning 50...I was really preoccupied....but now I am not sure it is what I want to be writing about...

That is why I haven't been around much!

So I am just going to go back to writing about my daily life..whatever that may be...I may change the title of this mighty blog...but I will not change the URL...

Here is a list to catch you up in my life...(if you are my friend on FB this will be boring)

1.  Summer time makes me happy
2.  July is my favorite month as a friend pointed is the only month where I don't work at all
3.  We have a new puppy..enough said
4.  Puppy poo makes me gag
5.  One daughter lives in AZ , one in NY... I have vacation spots
6. We just took a road trip to NY...had a blast!

What has brought me JOY

1.  My niece Amanda Marie
2.  Bike riding
3. Clearing out my closet of big clothes
4. working out
5. A smaller me

This was a much easier post to write..maybe I will be back more often!  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

60 Days

 Exactly 60 days ago today I started on my new journey.  I have to say I am quite pleased with the results thus far.  I have worked hard and made many many changes to my daily life...Lifestyle changes...

1. No Diet Coke...quit cold ....yes folks it can be done and you can live without caffeine...well at least I can!

2. I do some sort of cardio every single day.  I get up early and I do my cardio before eating breakfast...and yes I am hungry when I get home...but it sure taste good!

3.  I have changed my eating habits...which is a work in progress.  I eat more protein than every before...I eat my veggies and fruit too...and Greek yogurt and I LOVE cottage cheese! What I don't eat is all the junk I use to consume on a daily I crave it? Eh not really... except certain parts of the month! 

4.  The best thing I have been doing is working with a trainer.  He has helped me so much...and has me doing things that I never thought I would even attempt to do much less like to do! I go two times a week to Your Fit Studio... you can click the link to gain more information...

5.  I sleep so much better... I am usually very tired by the end of the day...especially on workout days...but really every day!

6.  My family is engaged in what I am doing and seem pleased!  I think I talk about it too much and promise to try to curb my enthusiasm ! 

I started this journey because I was tired of the way my body wasn't responding... I was icky tired, not very enthused and it seemed like everything I was eating stuck to some part of my body! I have to say I wasn't very hopeful when I started working out... but that has changed in the last few weeks... I have seen many positive changes...which started with my clothes fitting better and then progressed to me being able to see the changes...then my family started seeing the changes...and then other people!

Life is Good!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Growing Pains

Upon the birth of daughter number one I was about 70 lbs heavier than 9 months earlier.  Twenty Seven years later I am about 10 pounds less than that. 

By nature or stubborn willfulness I never dieted.  I was never one that  wanted to curb my appetite.  BUT I always wanted to be healthy.  I loved to be active..I tried my legs at running/wogging...I loved to swim and bike ride and I did it all...but I never lost any of the stayed and stayed!

About 5 years ago when put into a stressful situation at work the weight started falling just 35 pounds.  I didn't realize at the time what was happening only that my clothes felt weird and that I was not happy...most likely depressed.  I was only eating very little a day...that was considered food...and then junked it up at night...but the weight came off...

Until...I was back into a normal situation.  Then I was pretty cavalier and the weight started piling back on...and then some big life changes came about...and more weight was added...then I got to the point were it was just what I chips and drink soda...and pretty soon it was all back! 

Well...after I fell and hurt my knee about a year and half ago and then re-occuring pain..then physical therapy...I said "ENOUGH"  I decided then and there that I needed to make some BIG changes!  After a therapy session...where I saw a very large YOUNG women come into the work out area of therapy...with impending knee surgery, limping...not doing her excersises... I became very concerned...

I went home and started to look for a personal trainer...I went first to Facebook...then to Craigslist...then I emailed the Physical Therapist that was working with me... He led me to someone that is helping me immensely...

I can't even really explain it.  I have or should I say he has been working with me for about 7 weeks... helping me make lifestyle changes... that are working...I am now doing cardio..walking and biking...the workouts with him are beyond my spectrum of "yes I can do this" and I am eating much much better...I am losing weight and am seeing it happen... my clothes are fitting much self worth is much improved... I am liking what I am seeing in the am actually looking at myself in the mirror! 

I have a ways to go...but I feel like it is in my reach... I owe a lot to (I hope he doesn't mind the link being on here!) I know he will say...that I am the one making the changes...but for now I am giving him the kudos...because I know how I am not a self-MOTIVATED person...

My plans this summer are to keep working on myself... I am fortunate to have the summer off to focus on it! 

Life is Good!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Faith on Friday...

I need to deviate from this title today... things have been happening around here that have been amazing...So here goes...

First off...I started with my personal trainer...and really focusing on nutrition...which is a work in progress...well actually both are a work in progress...BUT I am so motivated and feel so much better.  My knee...which led me to knowing that I need to do something with my physical health...feels so much better! 

Second off... my daughter went to the MN Teacher Edcaution Fair on Monday...all things considered she went in with an open mind.  She wanted to hand out as many resumes as possible and hopefully get some interviews...but the lines were all so long...So she noticed that the Arizona school line was  not as long as the she stopped by and started talking...which led to an interview...whick led to ......a JOB....which led to her being UBER excited which led to absolute JOY...She has a job now down in Arizona...she will be moving in June...I am super excited for her...and am going to miss her like crazy!

So how is that for goodness?   

 Jesus looked hard at them and said, "No chance at all if you think you can pull it off yourself. Every chance in the world if you trust God to do it." Mathew 19:26

I think in both of these cases God led...

May is coming up and I couldn't be more see it is BIRTHDAY week...

May 1 is daughter number one...
May 2 is daughter number two
May 3 is mine
May 4 is my sister...

Then we have dance recitals and Mothers Day...and Memorial Day... I love me some May!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Midlife Monday

When reflecting about the aging process the only thing I can draw on is the aging of my mother.  I would have to say that from age 50 to 60 she aged quite graciously.  After that not so much.  She had a falling accident and then a knee replacement that she never recovered from... Her memory also has started to slip.  Another issue is she doesn't do much outside of the home...These are all issues that weigh on my mind...

So my question to you...

What positives do you remember abuot your mother's aging?

What negatives do you remember about your mother's aging?

If you didn't get to see your mom age, who is your role model for aging? 

If you comment I will read and respond...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Stretch...

On Saturdays my plan is to talk about excersise.. or better yet..healthy lifestyle...

I will be upfront and say that my lifestyle is not very healthy.  I will back up and say that I choose not to drink alcohol (my choice).. I mean I do have the once in a while drink or glass of wine...but I don't go out to just drinks.  And I don't smoke...never have and never will.  So in general I think I am pretty healthy...

Now lets talk about all those other things...eating and moving the body..I am an emotional eater.  I eat because it makes me forget about anything that makes me upset or depressed... I eat because it just plain tastes good... The thing is... I do like to excersise.  I love to walk, to jog, ride a bike..etc..but I seem to not want to or I choose to other sedentary things...

I know as I get older I will start having issues.  Heck it has already started.  My knee is messed up.  It is getting better with therapy, but I never use to have issues like this.  This alone has really slowed me down. 

I have come to the conclusion that if I want to live a more stress free life I have to take charge of my life.  I need to make better choices... I need to value myself...I have nightmares of growing old and frail and being a burden. 

So...starting now...I am going to...

1.  I now have a personal trainer. 
2.  I am now committed to going to the doctor for yearly physicals
3.  I have been searching out low fat/low sodium meals
4. When I find that life is getting out of hand that I will work it out by working out

I am committed to loving myself inside and out...  What do you do to be healthy(ier) ? 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Faith on Friday

I read this quote on Twitter yesterday:

I can't assure you that your family will ever give you the blessing you seek, but I know God will! -Max Lucado

I thought that this was very fitting for where I am at in my life.  We all work so hard during our first half of life...seeking pleasure and blessings from our family in friends...but it never seems to be enough...there is seems to be that wanting for a bit least it was this way for me...

Most of my life I have gone to church, but was never really involved in church... I did have an interesting experience when I road the green bus to Park Grove Alliance church...but other than that...pretty much just church..

But I have always felt the nudge as I like to call it...I was always a pray-er....but seemingly needing things...

I want to grow closer to my God and my faith... and I have been...I do "talk" with God on a daily basis...just bearing my soul...complaining sometimes...thanking sometimes...just chatting!

What is your faith about?  Do you feel the pull as you get older?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Question: The Next Decade?

A friend asked on my previous post if I know what I want the next decade to be like or look like...

I have spent some time thinking about this and have started formulating a picture and ideals..  I feel like I have a lot of life to live...lots more to say...and maybe even prove.

As I spoke about in my last has been sort of hard to walk thru for me...I still struggle putting it into words but I know it is real...So I still find myself being hesitant.  I find myself thinking I will do it tomorrow...

So here I sit... today I made a big move (saving this for another post) and I feel a sense of excitement.  I have come to realize that tomorrow is today..

My dad was a quiet peaceful man. He had this shed in our backyard.  Most evenings and weekends you could be found out in the shed just putzing...I feel I have inherited that gene.  I do love spending time with my family ...but I also crave the solitude.  I love spending time just hanging out

One thing this next part is going to have is purposeful solitude...

Again I am drawing on characteristics of my dad... He had a strong desire to be faithful.  This faith falter along the way...which I noticed but never got a chance to ask about...and perhaps this faith stuff has a lot to do with solitude..but I know that for me to feel complete I need to pray and be a good listener

My health/self esteem/well being is greatly tied into how I feel when I look into the mirror.  I know that it is a lot of hardwork..but if I want to be "there" for my family I need to build into the next decade a sense of being a good steward of my body.

I have other things I want to seek out...and they will become clearer as I go...but for now.. Solitude/Health/Faith are the top three...What is your next decade going to be about? 

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Life...

Thinking back on my life...I came from chaotic time and place.  My parents were definetely not the norm... I was born into a family that included step siblings...keep in mind this was back in the 60's...So..I think that there was much underlying problems... I adored my big brothers... Then when I was age 3 and my brother was 5 he died from cancer...can you imagine?  I can't imagine that ever happening..then at age 9 my beloved grandmother died...then at age 15 my dad died...So much strife...

So when I reflect back on my life I have many mixed emotions.  I was never alone...there were ultimately 5 kids in a 2 bedroom home... I struggled with the "friend" thing...never went on a date until college...I was active in my school but had to rely on the after school bus...and later I was always afraid of leaving my siblings... they were my glue...

I knew at a young age that I was going to be a teacher and I knew that I would teach kids that were "strangely" different... when I discovered these possibilities the only titles they had were mentally retarded..

Because I had older brothers that went to college I knew that I would do the same.  But it was a hard see..the important at the time people to me were had died and other one was depressed.. I was also the older sister..with 4 younger siblings that needed an anchor.  My choice to go to college was an easy one...but getting there was hard...

Everyone was happy that I was going but no one cheered me on... Being there was hard at first but then I gained my independence and Life was Finally Good... I got to reinvent who I was... and I loved it...

My college life was wonderful...I made friends ...I had goals...and the possibilities were endless...I dated...I fell in and out of love... I partied hardy... and I saved my life..

When that was over...I went back home and sort of fell back into a hopeless track...sad and heartbroken missing my friends...missing my life...

I quickly learned that I needed to suck it up or life would beat me down...

I married, I became a teacher, I had my girls, my life was good...I love helping people...I have faith... I have my friends...

About two years ago I hit midlife quite hard..thus the beginnings of this blog (my second blog)...and I sort of crashed and burned for awhile... I am slowly digging myself out... I am realizing I have lots of living to do...

My goals have changed... I am searching for some solitude amongst those that I love... I am striving for a deeper relationship with God...I want to become one with nature and I want to save the Indigenous people of this country of ours...How all this plays out is a mystery to me...but

Here I am...ready...set...go....

(this post is being linked to Kick In the Blog...) 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have been reading this interesting book Awakening at Midlife by Kathleen Brehony.  It talks about and guides you through topics such as reviving your spirit, recreating your life and finding your truest self.  I am in the part of all theorist so have gotten bogged down by Carl Jung stuff but I did find this interesting concepts and quotes

establishing a sense of personal identity, developing a career, marrying/significant relationship, raising a family, contributing to society and leaving your family of origin all depend on your ego identity and a clear sense of I...

At midlife... the challenge changes...the process changes..

My question is what changes?  How do we go about seeking our individualism?  Are you afraid of the changes?

uncovering the real us?  
This is my attempts at scrapping and stripping the paint off of our bathroom wood work.. what was I ever thinking when I painted...I love the wood underneath...symbolic of my life?

Monday, March 26, 2012

In My Mailbox...

Today I took a half day off to take care of some business...

When I got to work I went to my mailbox in the lounge...for those of you that don't know...I am a a HS... I have to tip toe to reach..anyway...the first thing I pull out was an advertisement for Valleyfair...the amusement park.. for group sales...The next thing I pulled out was a pamphlet entitled..
Aging & Mental Health...

When I first looked at it I was a bit taken aback... I was like...How do they know I need then...who sent this?  

What it actually was an advertisement for a workshop for people that work with elderly people...probably like in an assisted living or nursing home environment...  Anyway...I thought it was quite humorous it was sent to me... kind of fitting...

My favorite "getting old" mail is from AARP... How about yours?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Faith on Friday

As I alluded to in my previous post..spirituality comes forth when we hit this magical time in our lives. 

Why do you think this is true?  or not?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Challenges of Midlife

I would like to disclose that I am not an expert on this topic..ha...I am just experiencing it...but would like to share my thoughts and hope to open this dialog and become more aware..

I have been doing some reading about midlife and its challenges.  Did you know that there are 81 Million people that are part of the baby boom era...born from 1945-1965?  Crazy huh? 

Did you know that we are living longer...we are more fit...

Did you know that midlife is more than men having affairs and women becoming "empty nesters".  It may be that we are not as fulfilled by our careers, have more incidences of depression, and perhaps feel empty. 

Interestingly, and these are things I have experienced...questions of spirtiuality come to the surface...and we start to think more about death...lots of scary things. 

So my question to you... What have you experienced on this journey, thus far? 


                                                                                        (Image from Google Images, Quote by Dolly Parton)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seize the Weekend

This weekend was beyond awesome... I know we have all heard about the great weather in the midwest...unheard of temps..I am talking in the mid to up 70' my house temp is 74 with the windows my cheeks are sporting a little color weather.

So seize the weekend we did...

I want this to be part of my new blog because I think it is so easy to sail through the weekend missing opportunities to explore and build on experiences.

Today Laura (daughter #2) , Lydia (daughter #3) and I went to Minnehaha Falls Park.  We also took DJ Piddles (resident pup).  There were many people out and about, trying to find a parking spot was like it is in the summer...stalker people walking through the parking lot...creeping up on them...then backing up while they are trying to exit...

Anyway...the falls were flowing...and kids were wading in the water.  I didn't go down near the falls.  My knee is giving me problems and I didn't want to strain it too I stood on top and people watched... a favorite past time!

All in all a great weekend.  What did you do?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Crisis

About 2 years ago I turned 50 and about a year ago I was going through what I have now come to  realize as the “the crisis”  My crisis did not lead to a new car…oh did…but not really.. We did get this but it was not total impulse it was a necessity… I digress… took me about a year to figure out what was going on and then some time to come to grips with it.
I soon come to realize that if I was having these struggles that others must also.  I also knew that my previous blog..Walk A Mile was losing ground…I lost my inspiration for it.  I ran out of things to chat about…
My goal for this blog is build a community for those going through similar issues.  I don’t think these issues are singular…I know they are multi-dimensional. I know there are many woman out there trying to figure out what comes next.
I hope you will consider coming along for the ride.  I think we all have something to gain from each other.  Please come back…I will be adding more as I learn about WordPress…how it all works… I am also looking for someone to help me pretty things up… Until then…Keep the faith…