Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Stretch...

On Saturdays my plan is to talk about excersise.. or better yet..healthy lifestyle...

I will be upfront and say that my lifestyle is not very healthy.  I will back up and say that I choose not to drink alcohol (my choice).. I mean I do have the once in a while drink or glass of wine...but I don't go out to just drinks.  And I don't smoke...never have and never will.  So in general I think I am pretty healthy...

Now lets talk about all those other things...eating and moving the body..I am an emotional eater.  I eat because it makes me forget about anything that makes me upset or depressed... I eat because it just plain tastes good... The thing is... I do like to excersise.  I love to walk, to jog, ride a bike..etc..but I seem to not want to or I choose to other sedentary things...

I know as I get older I will start having issues.  Heck it has already started.  My knee is messed up.  It is getting better with therapy, but I never use to have issues like this.  This alone has really slowed me down. 

I have come to the conclusion that if I want to live a more stress free life I have to take charge of my life.  I need to make better choices... I need to value myself...I have nightmares of growing old and frail and being a burden. 

So...starting now...I am going to...

1.  I now have a personal trainer. 
2.  I am now committed to going to the doctor for yearly physicals
3.  I have been searching out low fat/low sodium meals
4. When I find that life is getting out of hand that I will work it out by working out

I am committed to loving myself inside and out...  What do you do to be healthy(ier) ? 

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  1. I do the annual physical thing and have even had my first colonoscopy.

    I have been exercising and have given up diet pop and other treats have become treats--not every day indulgences.

    And... I just ordered a DVD set that looks like will finally help lift my butt.