Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inspiration today is brought to you by the Golden Rule

 Today's inspiration is brought to you via the Golden Rule...yep the golden rule.  Not something I think about literally but hopefully something that live...

Anyway..My family was very pleased with most all aspects of the election..including the fact that the Marriage Amendment did not pass in the state of Minnesota.  

My youngest daughter and I were talking on Wednesday about this amendment...not really saying anything more than we have is amazing what the teens perceive... I digress..

She looked at me and said " gets down to the golden rule.."  I looked at her quizzically (is that a word?) and she said, " really everything in life gets down to the Golden know... do unto others..."  

Yes Lydia it does!  Well said !  

(PS: In 4 years...she will be a voter!) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ahhh Inspiration...Sandy at the Rockaways

Interestingly, this topic has taken on a life of its own. 

Due to Hurricane Sandy I don't have to think too hard about what has inspired me this week.  My daughter uses social media to communicate and she uses it well.  When it all went silent the day after the hurricane hit I knew she was in a tough spot.  I knew that she was okay due to where she lives I wasn't too worried...but I still wanted to hear from her.  Finally I did...she was distraught...but she has friends...she had places to go...the next day she headed out looking around and began on her mission to help others...When her power was restored she immediately went and packed up some of her belongs to donate.  After that she contacted me to help her gather donations..which we are doing. 

Then...and this is where my heart fills with headed out to the Rockaways..the beach area of NYC..the area greatly hit by the Sandy...and where the big fire happened...She and some volunteers took charge of organizing the food distribution site.  She said they kicked butt and organized all the food...made a thousand sandwiches to distribute, bagged perishables and non perishables for pick-up. 

She said she took charge because there really wasn't anyone knowing what to do...How cool is that?  I know that when out on the Mission field things can be chaotic until you get a pattern or sense of what needs to be done...

So inspiration for life and helping comes directly from my daughter....She rocks my life!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eat to Live...don't...Live to Eat

All this month I am going to be writing about inspiration.  In anticpation of this I have been thinking about things that inspire me and how I have been an inspiration to others. 

Many years ago I was working with a trainer (not the one I have now) and she wasn't very good.  Actually, she was terrible...but she did say one interesting...INSPIRING thing to was...


This really struck a chord with me...Up to that point I really didn't listen to any eating/food/dieting advice.  I pretty much just ate..I never was overly concerned about food/exercise or fitness.  Throughout the next several years I replayed that message but really didn't do much about with it. 

I now eat pretty good.  I make good choices.  Last year at this time not so much..chips, sweets, pop/soda, candy, cookies and all sorts of veggies and see I liked it all!

Food quickly turns into a problem for most of us.  It is what we plan most of our lives around...going out to eat, dieting, holidays, get togethers, emotional eating etc etc...I know I am/was a victim. 

I again replayed this message about 5 months ago and took it to heart...hence the inspiring part..I started taking myself out of the daily grind of food and its conotations. 

When planning on visiting friends I would offer to go for a walk or to a park vs to a resturant.  When needing to gather for a meeting I would offer to bring some fruit vs something less nutritional.  When needing to do something fun with people I would suggest something other than meeting for dinner. 

Has it been easy? Actually kinda...the other cool thing is it opens up a lot of conversation with people. 

Today...5 months later...I am less concerned about food...well actually very concerned about what I eat...I am careful most days/moments of what I put in my mouth.  Most all the food I eat tastes really good.  The flavor is fabulous.  I am rarely if ever full..which to me, feeling full is uncomfortable. 

I don't forsee in the future of going back to my old ways...I do need to figure out how to maintain and enjoy some savory things...but til then I will carry on eating to live!

Just a photo of me and my new jacket!  Love it!