Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inspiration today is brought to you by the Golden Rule

 Today's inspiration is brought to you via the Golden Rule...yep the golden rule.  Not something I think about literally but hopefully something that live...

Anyway..My family was very pleased with most all aspects of the election..including the fact that the Marriage Amendment did not pass in the state of Minnesota.  

My youngest daughter and I were talking on Wednesday about this amendment...not really saying anything more than we have is amazing what the teens perceive... I digress..

She looked at me and said " gets down to the golden rule.."  I looked at her quizzically (is that a word?) and she said, " really everything in life gets down to the Golden know... do unto others..."  

Yes Lydia it does!  Well said !  

(PS: In 4 years...she will be a voter!) 

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