Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grey's A Dog..not Anatomy

We have a new member in our family...its a POM-A-POO....half  pomeranian and half poodle...He is what you call a designer dog!  I don't do designer! What was I thinking?  

About a month ago we made an impromptu trip to see a few dogs.  We really had no intention of "buying" a dog...until maybe August.  We looked at several breeds...and the cost...and became disheartened.  Then we spotted this pup's sister...and fell in love.  We were told that it probably wouldn't be good to have two females so we were introduced to the brother...and fell more in love...Because of the age of Grey he was reduced greatly in me being...impulsive put a down payment on him.  We went home told the dh and he agreed...reluctantly...So the next day we picked him up! 

This is how he looked at the store.....

Grey is a very active puppy.  He loves to BUG everyone...he bugs me daily...he bugs DJ (our Jack Russell) like crazy!  They rough house ALL.THE. TIME!  Grey also likes to chew..he chews on shoes, on cords and on paper... Grey likes to be held and cuddled... he loves to be outside and to take walks.  He adapted quite well to his crate...and sleeps mostly through the night...and rarely "messes" in the crate.  I have to admit potty training has been hit or miss... and we clean up after him quite often.  I think he has a delicate tummy! 

This is the mess we came out into the living room too...It is paper towel...and no it wasn't on the was on the coffee table...ugh!  Monster Grey!