Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Angst

We are quickly cruising into Back To School...and this makes me full of angst.  But really actually I don't mind.. did I really just that?  I get so excited in April when the countdown gets down to so few days.  I am personally tired of the humidity.  I am not eager to go I putz around in the would think it would be sparkling ...but alas it is would also think that I would have read many many books...I haven't!  

What have you done?  You might be thinking...

Hmmmm... not sure... 

Lots of biking, walking, working out, TV watching, bonding with daughter, dog training (or not) painting...sock sorting (on my list) laundry and dishes

One of the best things I have done is connected with some friends from my immediate past... What the heck is immediate past..well...the last 20 years or so... I hooked up with a Girl Scout pal and a PTA much fun!  It has been a lot of fun reconnecting and getting to know one another again.  I feel like it is a good support for the changes we are all going through!  

Another good thing is how my energy level has increased.  I think nothing of going for bike rides and fact I build my day around being able to do these things.  

The rest of August will find us celebrating another birthday, school shopping, technology workshop, PLC meeting, Lindsay coming home, State Fair, Twins game, working out and the dreaded opening teaching days...

What does August mean to you? 


  1. Typically August means HOT. Now I think it will mean Back-To-School (because of our new school calendar).

  2. It sounds like you're having a good summer despite the weather.

    Usually I'd be heading into school to start setting up, but my class stands at 32 right now and we may get another teacher (section), I so I don't want to set up for 32 and be wrong or 20something and be wrong. So I wait...

    Today I worked on a flower bed. Yee. Ha.

    I have to keep reminding myself that I did take a trip in May because I've done diddly all summer. I did read about ten books, but I would have liked a trip on which to read them!