Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blister to Biking

About three months or so ago while out walking...I got a huge ugle nasty blister on the inside part of my foot.  It was awful and painful.  I struggled finding a pair of shoes to wear to school and resorted to the unprofessional flip flop.  What was worse was that continuing to walk as in for my cardio was not going to work out....

So I thought that I could achieve the cardio by bike riding....and I haven't looked back since!

This is the bike I ride.  I can't say "my" bike as it is my husbands.  He uses it for his transportation to work.  That is one reason why I ride in the early morning...well that and because of the idea of burning more fat if I ride before I eat breakfast...oh and I lower the seat too! 

So there you have it... Do you bike? 


  1. I love to ride my bike, but I don't think I get much exercise when I do. It's just plain ol' fun.

  2. If your do any cardio within 20 minutes after eating, it increases your metabolism more than if you do it before. Your doing so great :-)