Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Looking for Myself...

Today I begin anew...2012 is to be my year.  MY. YEAR.  I was to start in January...and I kind of did but it really didn't kick in until the end of April.  At the end of April I took back my health and changed my lifestyle.  I have made so many changes I am not even going to list them...but lets just say I am probably healthier than I have ever been...

I still have some work to do...God only knows how true that statement is...and while on that topic...I need to say that my FAITH has been shaken and I am trying to figure all that out too. 

So for the next 31 days I will be blogging about my journey.  I think there will be posts about lifestyle, financial, faith, relationships and probably work...I know it sounds sketchy but that is pretty much how I roll now a days! 

Day One

Oh where to start.   When I first started working out I took advantage of my relationship with God.  But that was to change and I am still not sure how I feel about that.  Part of me is sad, but part me is like "eh" life goes on.  I use to pray a lot when out on my bike rides..not so much anymore.  

But enough of the complaining...I tried today to hold my attention in a prayer..can't say it was overly effective or that I remember what it was that I prayed about but the fact that I did is good, right? 

So tomorrow I will try again... and move on from there! 


  1. What do you think has sparked the shake in your faith? And wtg with your health changes!

    1. I know exactly what it is...but the important thing is coming to terms with it and move on...

  2. WAY TO GO!!!! :) Glad to see you blogging again too!

  3. WAY TO GO!!!! :) Glad to see you blogging again too!