Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 of 31...


Today I did take some time to reflect and to open my mind to different possibilities.  My mind became very crowded as the day went on.  There are many things I am still trying to come to terms with..things I want to accomplish achieve ...but I know that I need to narrow those things down...the urgency is no longer there that use to be...and this makes me a bit sad...I am still looking for that purpose....

Here is a picture of me...taken at the MN State Fair...




  1. Nice pic :-) Is the urgency gone because you have just accomplished such a massive goal? (Health and Fitness)

  2. I love your honesty! And I share that feeling at times. I wonder if in taking your health back your body is giving you an inner peace, you see it as lack of urgency, but maybe its your body just enjoying this moment that you have worked for??
    Enjoy this day.