Saturday, October 20, 2012

50, 12 and 5

Although I have been instructed (haha Laura) to not function only because of numbers...These numbers have all been good for me...

This week I finally hit the 50 mark..actually the 53 mark...53 pounds lost..It took me a few weeks to lose the last pound...which turned into 2 pounds...which ended up with me losing 5 to hit the 53 lbs lost! I am very pleased and will be rewarding myself with a new winter jacket..and maybe some fun boots!  

Early last week I stopped in at Upscale Consignment to find Lydia something PINK to wear for the football game.  They do different "color" outs for different causes or to just be funny..  Anyway...I decided to try on some jeans and was being silly and went for size 12...yep they fit!  So much fun!  I put them on hold and then went back to get them the next day! I don't even know if I ever wore a size 12 before..surely not as an adult!  

Today I ran 5 miles.  Last night I decided to try and run 5 miles with no expectations attached to it!  In fact along the way I tried to talk myself out of continuing.  So this morning I mapped my run...looking for a good route...I even allowed for some hills..knowing there is a killer hill in my next race...I did fine...I think my average mile time was 12.6 minutes which is I am finding myself being critical!  

So 50, 12 and 5 are my new favorite numbers...what are yours?


  1. I don't have any favorites, but yours are pretty great!

  2. wow this is so inspiring! great job!