Monday, March 26, 2012

In My Mailbox...

Today I took a half day off to take care of some business...

When I got to work I went to my mailbox in the lounge...for those of you that don't know...I am a a HS... I have to tip toe to reach..anyway...the first thing I pull out was an advertisement for Valleyfair...the amusement park.. for group sales...The next thing I pulled out was a pamphlet entitled..
Aging & Mental Health...

When I first looked at it I was a bit taken aback... I was like...How do they know I need then...who sent this?  

What it actually was an advertisement for a workshop for people that work with elderly people...probably like in an assisted living or nursing home environment...  Anyway...I thought it was quite humorous it was sent to me... kind of fitting...

My favorite "getting old" mail is from AARP... How about yours?


  1. You should go to the workshop and write about it here! Why not? Could be intriguing ..l

  2. Your flowers are way ahead of ours. By the way, we froze yesterday and it is not too warm today. At 73 I am still at my middle school...sometimes I wonder wen it will really be retirement time. High school...not for me. You are a brave one. Middle school is about the most I can handle considering I started out in the horse and buddy days in kindergarten. Thanks for all of your kind words on my blog. Sometimes I get behind in my commenting because I am so tired when I get home. Today I brought my iPhone which acts like a hot spot for a wireless connection and my OWN computer. The Barracuda Filter on the school computers blocks out everything I want to do. genie

    1. these flowers are from the conservatory at a zoo..we have nothing but little stubs...and some leaves budding!

  3. Thanks for my Gotcha Day wishes - and good luck with the new blog!!