Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Growing Pains

Upon the birth of daughter number one I was about 70 lbs heavier than 9 months earlier.  Twenty Seven years later I am about 10 pounds less than that. 

By nature or stubborn willfulness I never dieted.  I was never one that  wanted to curb my appetite.  BUT I always wanted to be healthy.  I loved to be active..I tried my legs at running/wogging...I loved to swim and bike ride and I did it all...but I never lost any of the stayed and stayed!

About 5 years ago when put into a stressful situation at work the weight started falling just 35 pounds.  I didn't realize at the time what was happening only that my clothes felt weird and that I was not happy...most likely depressed.  I was only eating very little a day...that was considered food...and then junked it up at night...but the weight came off...

Until...I was back into a normal situation.  Then I was pretty cavalier and the weight started piling back on...and then some big life changes came about...and more weight was added...then I got to the point were it was just what I chips and drink soda...and pretty soon it was all back! 

Well...after I fell and hurt my knee about a year and half ago and then re-occuring pain..then physical therapy...I said "ENOUGH"  I decided then and there that I needed to make some BIG changes!  After a therapy session...where I saw a very large YOUNG women come into the work out area of therapy...with impending knee surgery, limping...not doing her excersises... I became very concerned...

I went home and started to look for a personal trainer...I went first to Facebook...then to Craigslist...then I emailed the Physical Therapist that was working with me... He led me to someone that is helping me immensely...

I can't even really explain it.  I have or should I say he has been working with me for about 7 weeks... helping me make lifestyle changes... that are working...I am now doing cardio..walking and biking...the workouts with him are beyond my spectrum of "yes I can do this" and I am eating much much better...I am losing weight and am seeing it happen... my clothes are fitting much self worth is much improved... I am liking what I am seeing in the am actually looking at myself in the mirror! 

I have a ways to go...but I feel like it is in my reach... I owe a lot to (I hope he doesn't mind the link being on here!) I know he will say...that I am the one making the changes...but for now I am giving him the kudos...because I know how I am not a self-MOTIVATED person...

My plans this summer are to keep working on myself... I am fortunate to have the summer off to focus on it! 

Life is Good!


  1. Wonderful news! I really need to do something - another rib injury on Friday had me so depressed. Went into the docs office yesterday and I, too, weigh about as much as I did when I delivered my first child. Gotta make a change!

  2. I also weigh what I did when I gave birth. I like to blame menopause. Good for you. I hope you have continual success.

  3. You look like a much healthier girl and that's what it's all about. OMG... soft drinks are so bad for anyone and I am happy to read that you are no longer drinking them. All that sugar does so much damage to our bodies.

    We all need to be the change that we want to be. Taking action is the first step to a healthier you. Gosh, you look fabulous!!! Congratulations and will look forward to seeing more changes because I know you have to feel much better.